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Getting Started

Take your Training to the NX LEVEL

Schedule a Tour 

To get stated we recommend that all of our adults schedule a tour of our facility with one of our Performance Coaches.  During the tour you will meet one-on-one with a Perfomance Coach, take a tour of our training floor and facility, and have all of your questions answered face to face.

To schedule a tour contact our Front Desk at 262-522-7888.


After your tour, you can schedule your initial assessment.  Before any of our adultss can start training, they need to have an assessment with one of our Performance Coaches.  During the assessment each adult can expect to:

  • Provide a medical and health history
  • Provide current training regimen
  • Have Body Composition taken
  • Be put through a movement screening

The assessment takes about 30 minutes and we like our adults to wear workout clothes to assessment.  Once the assessment is complete the adult can begin their training sessions

Training Sessions

All of our training sessions are done in a group atmosphere.  What this means is that each adult will be working out in a group of their peers.  The groups are limited to 6-8 adults.  We limit the group size so that our adults can get the individual attention that they need while being pushed by a group of their peers.  During the sessions every adult will go through a strength program that is lead by one of our performance coaches.  Our ultimate goal is to help every adult reach their desired fitness goals.