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Yoga 4 Sport

Yoga 4 Sport

Yoga for athletes is a class offered for athletes involved in any sport or regular strenuous workouts. The yoga practice is designed to help keep overworked/overstressed muscles and joints healthy. By incorporating yoga into the athlete’s traditionally rigorous training regimen, he/she will experience:

  • Faster recovery after workouts – Fibers shorten during effort and response accumulating lactic acid. Yoga elongates muscle fibers, moving lactic acid and oxygenating the muscles.
  • Improved overall strength and balance – Practicing yoga postures helps to stabilize joints, strengthen stabilizing muscles, and gain better awareness of where your body is in space.
  • The opening up of tight areas that hinder performance – Stretching tight muscles encourages use of full, appropriate range of motion.
  • Strengthened mental focus and concentration – Holding challenging poses teaches ways to cope in an intense situation, bringing awareness to your form and breath to make the situation manageable.
  • Injury Prevention – The majority of injuries athletes experience are overuse injuries. Imbalances in the body cause the body to function slightly out of alignment, leaving the athlete vulnerable to injury. Together with the talented performance coaches, Kate will help to achieve the symmetrical alignment necessary to keep the athlete safe.

Tuesday and Thursday, 10–11 am 

$15.00–Drop-In // $130–10 Class Package

Contact information:
Kate: Yoga 4 Sport
or call 262-719-6366